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While many authors deserve the credit for the recent renaissance of young adult and middle grade fiction, there’s one in particular who was a catalytic force in propelling literature for children into the larger sphere, driving millions of readers to bookstores, and sparking a massive, global movement of fans. Earlier books on quirky, sweet, delightful subjects gave way to progressively darker ones that still retained a characteristic whimsy and sense of humor, and this author’s fame only grew with each title. The author’s public appearances were greeted by thousands of screaming fans, and the books led to movie adaptations and to a whole new fandom.

You might thinking I’m talking about John Green, the current media darling, who’s been repeatedly credited with making YA mainstream, but, actually, I’m not. I’m talking about J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, where weren’t just groundbreaking and didn’t just inspire a new revival in children’s literature. They shaped an entire generation.


'How John Green became the false prophet of the Internet YA revolution' (x)

(via dailydot)

Can I just say that this article extremely upsets me, as a nerdfighter, reader, and supporter of female writers? I feel like this article does not understand John at all. Within the first two paragraphs, they call him a “media darling” and compare all of his books to Harry Potter. Have they not heard Hank sing “This is Not Harry Potter?” "And you gotta know that this is no joke, That I also read books that my own brother wrote." Didn’t we learn long ago that their will never be anything like HP again in this world so do NOT compare it to other books?

The author continues to say that female YA authors do not get the acknowledgement that they deserve, which John himself has agreed with, but this lack of notice to these authors are not his fault. They go on to say (conveniently not making any mention of Hank at all, making it sound as if P4A and Kiva were all of John’s doing) that his online activity has fed to his success. This is true, but the author says it in a way that makes it sound as if John cracked the code to internet fandom and if he didn’t have the popularity he does have on the internet, no soul would have read his books. They boil it down to say that his online popularity and being a white male is what makes him the “false prophet of the Internet YA revolution” as the title so nicely puts it.

Just, no, no, don’t even— no. My favorite is the last line of the article. “Are we going to remember the architects and founders of the YA renaissance by who wrote the most compelling fiction and who influenced a generation or by who had the most YouTube followers?”

Don’t even get me started on this gem (x)

#this just pisses me off so much i cant even

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Remember how when Capaldi was chosen as the twelfth doctor everyone had this feeble hope that he would bring Doctor Who back to what it was because he was a film director and not the mysoginistic Moffat kind

AND THEN WE HEAR THAT HE’S REFUSING TO FLIRT WITH CLARA AND IS GOING TO BRING “a bit more gravity” BACK TO DOCTOR WHO AND "I didn’t want to be Doctor Who in a Doctor Who I didn’t like,"


I am punching the air right now.

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Ever since someone on tumblr pointed out that it doesn’t make any sense that Peter lives with Ron for three years, yet Fred and George fail to notice this on the Marauder’s Map, I’ve been wondering how this can be explained. I finally figured it out!

It’s because the Map shows…

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Matthew Lewis accepts the Best Fandom Forever award (via video) at the first annual MTVu Fandom Awards x

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oscar !!!


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it took me years to understand this joke

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prompts by a pair of awesome anons: can you make a soulmate!AU? // can you write a ficlet where dean/cas can’t see in color until they meet the other person?

read it here on AO3 (recommended if you’re on mobile)

It was raining heavily in the darkest hours of the…

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send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

  • makes the bed in the mornings
  • has sole posession of the T.V. remote
  • stays up until 2am reading
  • is the bigger cuddler
  • does the laundry
  • mows the lawn
  • is better at budgeting
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Criminal Minds + Hogwarts Houses

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Chris Evans + “Why Can’t I Just Grab a Man’s (and My Own) Left Boob in Friendship”

Bonus: Backhanding Chris Hemsworth

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America: Where dudes can get unlimited boner pills that have no other medical use but women can’t get birth control pills that prevent cancers, regulate periods, help with menstrual cramping, prevent break outs, and help with cysts. 

I think it’s time for a woman’s uprising.

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steve rogers was an irish-american with disabilities growing up in 30s new york in a gay neighborhood and some people actually believe he would be conservative

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(screencaps from The Art Assignment: Vidcon Edition)


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I just love the fact Cas has absolutely no verbal filter.

I love how Cas has absolutely zero fucks to give in this scene. Not you Dean because you’re the freaken righteous man who doesn’t believe in god. Me we’ll I’m an alcoholic angel who gave up everything to follow two dumbass humans into certain failure. Whoopee. And you Sam… Satan. I don’t think I need to elaborate. 

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